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Hello! My name is Adelle Rodriguez and I'm a beekeeper in NW Ohio.

I've been keeping bees since 2018. I started with two hives and have been expanding my apiary every year. I've learned so much about the democracy of honeybees since starting my own hives. 


In 2017, when I was looking to buy my first house, I told the realtor that one of the most important requirements for my new home was plenty of space for bees in the backyard. We found the perfect place in Lemoyne, Ohio.

I'm very excited to bring my bee-loving friends some options to help support one of our most important pollinators! Check out my Hive Share options in the shop. Beekeeping takes a lot of courage. I would never have been able to become a successful beekeeper without the support of my beekeeping aunt and uncle or the members of my local bee clubs. I understand the desire to aid in the plight of our honeybees and also understand that not everyone has the ability and resources to keep their own bees. For years, I wanted to support honey bees and local beekeepers, but I didn't know how. By sharing my experiences in the apiary, I hope to include my community in the process of beekeeping!

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