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What's A Hive Share?

Hive Shares are a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) endeavor. Hive Shares allow community members to support local agriculture and beekeeping. By providing monetary support for a portion of a hive at the beginning of the year, Hive Share members ensure a successful season for the apiary. In return, the Hive Share members are given Apiary Updates about the hives throughout the season and HONEY at the end of the season.

A Hive Share is perfect if you want to support local pollinators, local agriculture, and love honey. If you're fascinated by bees, but don't have the resources to become a beekeeper yourself, supporting a beekeeper is the next best thing! The Apiary Updates provided throughout the season are educational and provide insight to the beekeeping process. Check out the different Hive Share levels and what comes with each one below!

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